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Specialty Contractor Cannabis Services

One of the most challenging pieces of starting a cultivation center is getting from concept to completion. From point A to point B. 

There's lots of design options, equipment considerations, municipal ordinances, and many other factors that fall into a streamlined construction process whatever the system being built.

Our mission is to help our customers take design ideas and concepts to reality 

Perspective & Experience

As experienced growers, landscape technicians, irrigation specialists, and industry consultants. We know what it takes to create a clean,efficient, and attractive space for plant propagation and product sales.

Structured Action Plans

Through our integrated whole-system approach we can help you add to the core of your operations and expand your effective reach and impact as a cultivator.

  • Irrigation/fertigation install & upgrades
  • Initial site establishment
  • Construction Services during and after site development
  • Site maintenance services 
  • Grounds maintenance and beautification 
  • Benching systems install and more

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